Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Things I Hate About Blogging

1. Coming up with topics: I'm pretty sure I have a hundred things I want to talk about when I'm in the shower/late for class/watching a concert, but when I sit down at my computer to blog, I can't come up with anything worth writing about.
2. Reading other people's blogs: Usually, this is because I have a lot of fun reading other blogs, and seeing what insight people have on certain topics. Blogs are a harder target than Facebook to blame a lack of work on, especially since I need to do some stuff on it for actual homework.
3. Reading other people's blogs: Okay, let's face it. We don't all have perfect grammar. Which is something I'm pretty OCD about. People don't draft blogs and go through several times checking to make sure that things make sense. So it bugs me when I read a post that has terrible grammar, logic, etc. Not that I'm perfect myself, but I obviously expect everyone else to be ;)
4. Formatting: What is wrong with a solid white background, with solid black text? And while we're at it, can we make it Courier, and 10 point font? In my opinion, that is how most of the best information on the web comes. But instead, blogs need to be "cute."
5. The fact that I haven't been doing it: I need to have 20 blog posts in by Tuesday. For my English class. Which means I will be writing a lot this weekend. And I am really beginning to wish that I had been doing it earlier in the semester. But that's okay. I like blogging. So this is good.
6. It isn't hand written: I really like writing things by hand. They just seem way more personal that way. And I feel more accomplished when I see something that I brought about with my own hands. Okay, so I type with my hands too, but it isn't quite the same. When I have something physical to show for my time, I think I put myself into the project more.
7. The name: Blog? Where did that word even come from? It is so cacophonous. Just say it out loud a couple of times. Slower. What kind of name is that?
8. The fact that I have to do one: I'm pretty sure I would enjoy doing this about 10 times as much if I did not have to do this for an assignment. At the same time, I doubt I would even be doing a blog without the assignment. Anyway, I'm planning on maintaining it after the class is over, so we'll have to see how that works out for me.
9. Writing creatively: I consider technical writing more of a personal forte than creative writing. Putting voice in writing just bugs me. There's a way to do it, but I'm pretty sure that it should be reserved for professionals. Just because anyone can write for the world to see, doesn't mean that just anyone should.
10. Time: Blogs are a time commitment, and it's hard to say just how long of a commitment it's going to be. Math is pretty objective. You can sit down, figure out what you're supposed to be doing, and get up in an hour or two and be done. On a blog, you just sit down, and write until you feel good about what you've done. Which is usually never for me. Hence my low number of blog posts.

And that's about it, really. Not that I even particularly care about any of these, but it was a good topic for me. I got to figure out for myself just why this assignment annoyed me so much. Hopefully it inspires someone.


  1. Are 2 and 3 the same? "Reading other people's blogs" Maybe it needs to be edited?

  2. I like how you contradict yourself several times - like "10 things I hate about blogging... I like blogging. So this is good"
    I agree on the name "blog". Who come up with that? it's a pretty lame name.
    Now I think I might do blog on what I don't like about blogging :)

  3. For those who are confused about why a blog is called a blog should read my blog post called "The Blog Topic". I think it will prove insightful.

  4. I've never read something more accurate in my entire life.