Monday, December 5, 2011

Making it in the Big World

There are a lot of things that have intimidated me about college that I never should've been intimidated by. I think I've learned this semester that I should use the resources around campus, and not be so scared of them. One thing in my CS classes that I've learned to use more resourcefully, are the TAs. I guess the TAs intimidated me because they were so much older than I was, and I liked doing my work alone, when possible, so I never talked to them. I think I would've been much better off during the semester if I had taken advantage of their help. I think that, next semester, I am going to do a much better job of getting to know the TAs, and using their help when I need it.
I also don't think I spent enough time with my professors. I think in high school, teachers were overwhelmed by students wanting so much individual attention, so I learned to mainly take care of myself. I learned in college, though, that most of them are willing to help out if you let them know what's going on. But the teachers can't help you if you don't talk to them. I think that, next semester, I am going to do a better job of contacting professors in classes I need help in.
The last thing I think that I should work on using the resources of are the buildings on campus, particularly the library. I was afraid of going anywhere in the library at first, because I wasn't sure where I was allowed. Which seems ridiculous to me now, because I am paying tuition/tithing to use everything here. I have started to study in different areas of the library, just to see what I should be using in the building. I have also found that there are computer labs in the Talmage building, specifically set aside for one of my classes, and it is a really nice place to work. Much better for focusing than at the apartment.
Basically, I think that this semester was a huge adjustment period for me. I feel much more prepared to continue in college now that I have learned so much about my surroundings. I'm sure that my classes next semester will be harder than the ones I have now, but with better preparation, I am hopeful that I will be able to handle them better than I handled my classes this semester.


  1. Yes you need to get to know your TA's for ME so CS is probably the same way. I did not get to know them this semester but next semester I will try to ensure an A in all my classes by using them.

  2. I completely agree about the teachers. They intimidate me too. I think it's because they are "professors", I don't know why but that just scares me. I've always heard that college professors don't really care about their students because they have so many.