Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Sunday School Misadventure

Today in Sunday school, someone that I didn't really know sat next to me. This made me kinda grumpy. I don't like having to deal with people that I don't really know. I really knew I was in trouble when she addressed me by name. This put me in an awkward situation, because I didn't know hers. As long as I responded casually, and pseudo-enthusiastically though, there was no need to know it. Initiate small talk.
Unfortunately, priesthood lets out 10 minutes before Sunday school starts. It takes me 15 steps to get to my seat in priesthood to my seat in sunday school, and the only excuse for me to delay getting there is a trip to the drinking fountain, which is nullified on fast Sunday. I usually sit next to my roommates to avoid awkward contact like this. And by "awkward contact," I mean sitting next to people who smile too much. Because that just isn't natural.
First item of conversation: ward choir. She was the pianist for ward choir, and I was one of about 4 boys who regularly attends ward choir. Which is the only reason we even recognize each other. Quite honestly, I didn't expect her to talk to me at all, because she seemed so quiet in choir. Probably because she is always taking orders, and is never singing. We make short work of the common ground between us. Once we talk about the piece we're working on right now, and the Christmas program next week, we've about covered the entire spectrum of possible conversation related to choir. I strategically end the topic in a way that puts her in a position to either end the conversation, or come up with a new topic. Unfortunately, she chose the latter.
That day in choir had not been the best. It had started snowing in the middle of practice. Everyone else was happy, because it complimented the Christmas songs we were singing so well. But not me. The snow is cold, and dangerous. Almost like Ke$ha. Luckily, I got to leave choir early on account of an appointment with the bishop. As fun as it is to sing, ward choir isn't quite a party. So I made my escape.
"So, have you done anything special, or fun, or exciting, or anything like that recently?" What? What kind of question is that? Are you going to the same school as me? Because I've been working for every waking hour for the last couple of weeks. "Haha, no, not really. I've just been preparing for finals. How about you?" I put on an amiable fa├žade. No point in burning bridges. But wasn't it time to begin class yet? The clock started making a weird cracking noise, giving me an excuse to look at it. I knew by now that that was a fairly normal sound from the clock, but I turned my head anyway. Three more minutes. Three long minutes. And then I was saved by the person on the other side of my assaulter. She asked her a question, and I was free to return to my introversive tendencies.

Okay, for the record, I'm really counting on the person about whom this is never finding this, because she really was conversational, and nice. I was just in a grumpy mood today.

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