Monday, December 5, 2011

Hell is Cold

Provo woke up this morning to a wintery surprise. And not the good kind, in my opinion. I didn't even see the fresh white blanket until I left my apartment. I hadn't planned on walking through it that morning, which made me pretty grumpy (I seem to feel that way a lot lately...). Back at home, my mom is very particular about the language we use around the house. And one of the words she doesn't like to hear from us is the 4-letter "S" word. She tends to get downright nasty toward my siblings and I when we say the word "snow." She doesn't like it, you see. It is a vile thing. You have to shovel it, and avoid slipping in it, and it makes everyone drive like they're in bumper cars. Also, the snow sunburns your eyes, and makes everything wet. Especially when it all melts off in the spring.
Something that everyone says around here is, "If it's going to be cold, it might as well snow." Why? I would much rather suffer as little as possible. If it's going to be cold, we might as well have some sun to make it a little less miserable.
As a disclaimer, I did grow up in Southern California, where we never got snow at all. The weather was beautiful every year during Christmas. And I loved it, but I really didn't appreciate it before I moved to Rexburg. Christmas in California is a beautiful thing, and you can go to the beach if you want, or play in the green grass. You really can't blame me for not liking the snow at all...


  1. I live where it does not snow also but I concur with the statement, "If it's going to be cold, it might as well snow." I love playing in snow and I especially love snowboarding so why not?

  2. I refuse to let the weather influence my mood. I think we might as well have moisture while it's cold. I understand why snow might bother you though.